Architectural Design & Construction Projects:

2019, Private Residence: East 11th St, New York

2019, Private Residence: Carroll Gardens, New York

2019, Private Residence: Lafayette St, New York

2019, Commercial: Café, Chinatown, New York

2019, Private Residence: Prospect Heights, New York

2019, Private Residence: Brooklyn Heights, New York

2018, Commercial: Private Bar & Dining Room, Canal St, New York

2018, Private Residence: Allen St, New York

2018, Commercial: Yoga Studio 4, Chinatown, New York

2018, Private Residence: Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn

2018, Commercial: Yoga Studio 3, Domino Park, Brooklyn, New York

2018, Commercial: Mixed-use Office & Retail, Chrystie St, New York

2017, Private Residence: Lafayette St, New York

2017, Commercial: Office & Showroom, Madison Park, New York

2016, Commercial: Private Dining Room, Canal St, New York

2016, Commercial: Yoga Studio 2, Tribeca, New York

2016, Private Residence: Lafayette St, New York

2015, Commercial: Offices, Canal St, New York

2015, Commercial: Yoga Studio 1, Chinatown, New York

2014, Commercial: Painting Studio, 44th St, Brooklyn, New York

2012, Private Residence: 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York


Upcoming Exhibition:

2019, Furniture, Galerie Michael Bargo, New York (solo)

Select Installations & Exhibitions:

2018, Sophie Stone & Nick Poe, Safe Gallery, New York (with Sophie Stone)

2016 – 2018, Untitled Installation, 300 S. Mission Road, Second Floor, Los Angeles (with John Ganz) Images

Opening Performance by Brittany Bailey with an Audio Composition by Alexis Georgopoulos 

2018, Best In Show, That That Gallery, Los Angeles (organized by Kaylie Schiff)

2017, Untitled Installation, Galeria OMR, Mexico City (in conjunction with Sol LeWitt: Instructions for a Pyramid)

2017, Build your own house, Dio Horia Gallery, Mykonos, Greece (organized by Stamatia Dimitrakopoulos)

2017, Yes, I've had a facelift, but who hasn't?, 501(c)3 Foundation at Rudolph Schindler's Bethlehem Baptist Church, Los Angeles

2016, Good Feng Shui, Arturo Bandini, Los Angeles

2016, Daily Bubble, 176 Lafayette St., New York (with Sebastian Black, Thomas McDonell, Keegan Monaghan & Kylie White)

2016, BIFF: Bandini International Film Festival, Arturo Bandini, Los Angeles (with Alex Kalman)

2016, Collages, Station, Marfa, Texas (solo)

2015, Photo Show, Green River Project, Hillsdale, New York (organized by Aaron Aujla)

2015, Openings, Maccarone, New York (Arts&Leisure publication release & presentation) Images

2014, Bepad, Karma & Fulton Ryder, New York

2014, Kinemes, Malraux's Place, Brooklyn (with Matthew Watson & Marina Pinsky)

2013, Bouquets, Secret XVI, Montauk (solo)

2012, Brucennial 2012, The Bruce High Quality Foundation, New York

2011, Tablets, Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts, New York (solo)

2010, Play, The Guggenheim Museum & YouTube (with Alex Kalman) 

2009, Small Packages, Art Production Fund: Lab, New York (with Sebastian Black)

2009, Black Mondays, Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts, New York (organized by Thomas McDonell)

2009, Seven, Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, New York (organized by Billy Sullivan)


Business Projects:

2019 – present, Time Café: Organic Coffee, Smoothie & Snack Bar, New York

2018 – present, 2PM, Outdoor Advertising, New York

2017 – present, Lee’s, Private Dining Room & Private Bar, New York Link

2015 – present, SKY TING, Yoga Studio, New York (with Krissy Jones & Chloe Kernaghan) Link

2012 – present, Spirulina Studio: Architectural Design & Construction, New York

2005 – 2010, PEGLEG NYC, Sportswear Brand, New York (with Harry McNally, Bobby Waltzer, Scott Williams & others)


2015, Arts&Leisure: Issue 1, Nick Poe, Openings. Text by Nick McDonell. Published by Alexander Wolf

2014, Openings  Images

2009, Index Drawings


Online Photo Projects:

Cell Pictures Stream, 2010 – 2018

Cars, Trucks, Photos, 2015 – 2018 (with Oto Gillen)

Cell Pictures Stream Collage & Archive System, 2016 – present

2007, New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, B.A.

2018, Stanford University, Invitational GSB Course Sponsorship

Born 1985, New York.  Lives and works in New York.



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